Buffalo squeaks by Newmarket, 4-2

In a game where neither team could get a cushion, the Buffalo Jr. Sabres escaped with a 4-2 victory over the Newmarket Hurricanes.

Buffalo gained the winning advantage on a goal by Bray Crowder 9:12 into the third period and hung on until final buzzer.


Zach Evancho was all over the ice for the Jr. Sabres, as he finished with two goals in the win. Evancho’s tallies came at 1:23 into the first period to make the score 1-0 Buffalo and 2:11 into the first to make the score 2-0 Buffalo.

Buffalo’s penalty kill excelled, as the Jr. Sabres gave up one goal despite allowing six power plays.

Buffalo also got a goal from Ryan Kuhn as well. In addition, Buffalo received assists from Aiden SalernoAaron ReinigBen CasaleTim KielichJustin Cmunt, and Kenny Tencza, who contributed one each.

Newmarket was helped by Jacob Piltzmaker, who had one goal. Piltzmaker scored on the power play 18:03 into the first period to make the score 2-1 Buffalo. The Hurricanes had taken the advantage when Buffalo’s Tim Nicksic got sent off for interference. Nik Coric provided the assist. Ryan Shaw also scored for Newmarket. More assists for Newmarket came via Nick BoddyRyan McReynolds, and Ryan Young, who each chipped in one.

Nate Skidmore recorded 21 saves for the Jr. Sabres. Buffalo incurred 16 minutes in penalty time with eight minors. Newmarket’s Tyler Richardson stopped 17 shots out of the 20 that he faced. The Hurricanes incurred 14 minutes in penalty time with seven minors.