OJHL Announces Partnership with Tomcatt

(OJHL NEWS RELEASE – September 5, 2012)  – The Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL) announced today that they have signed a three year partnership with Tomcatt Hockey. As part of the agreement, Tomcatt Hockey becomes an official OJHL supplier of hockey sticks and will offer preferred service rates for all OJHL member clubs.

“The OJHL is extremely proud to welcome the new and exciting Tomcatt brand of hockey sticks into our family,” said OJHL Commissioner Marty Savoy. “The service rates provided by Tomcatt Hockey will allow our member clubs the opportunity to purchase a top quality product, while also saving money toward their overall budgets.”

Former NHL player Blair Stewart, President/CEO and Founder of Tomcatt Hockey, expressed his excitement in partnering with the OJHL for the next three years, “I think it is a fantastic opportunity to be associated with the OJHL and to be able to offer these up-and-coming star players our high performance, high quality sticks used by many former NHL players today. Our sticks are quickly becoming recognized as a premier stick at an affordable price for players of all levels, and with the OJHL players using Tomcatt; this will only endorse the fact.”

About Tomcatt Hockey

Tomcatt Hockey began its existence into the hockey world in 2011, reaching out to many former NHL players who founder Blair Stewart played with, against, and even those not in the league during his 8 year career. This fraternity of players along with the quality of the Tomcatt sticks, put “proof in the pudding” that Tomcatt was a high performance stick to be reckoned with… and noticed – both for quality and affordability.

Today, the growth of the Tomcatt name and brand continues to expand, focusing on all players, recreational to Pro, and with the inclusion of the OJHL and its tremendous foundation and future, Tomcatt is taking giant steps to letting the public know… a new sheriff is in town!!