Toronto Jr. Canadiens downs Buffalo in overtime, 3-2 (OT)

The Toronto Jr. Canadiens Junior Canadiens’ Andrew Pucci scored 45 seconds into overtime to beat the Buffalo Jr. Sabres, 3-2 (OT).


Toronto Jr. Canadiens pulled out the victory even though it was hit with 24 penalty minutes.

The Junior Canadiens were paced by Pucci, who had one goal.

Toronto Jr. Canadiens excelled on the penalty kill, not giving up a single goal in six chances.

Toronto Jr. Canadiens also had goals scored by Anthony Trujillo and George Novachis, who each put in one. In addition, Toronto Jr. Canadiens received assists from Matthew Ferrari and Nico Gonzalez, who each chipped in one and Andrew Mullen and Justin Maiolino, who contributed two each.

Buffalo stifled the Junior Canadiens’ power play, and did not give up a single goal while down a man. The Jr. Sabres forced Toronto Jr. Canadiens goalie Daniel Lopapa to work between the pipes, taking 31 shots.

Buffalo was helped by Joshua Biasillo, who finished with one goal. Biasillo scored 4:39 into the third period to make the score 2-2. Tim Nicksic picked up the assist. Buffalo also got a goal from Zach Evancho as well. Other players who recorded assists for Buffalo were Nicholas Bondra, who had one.

Daniel Lopapa made 29 saves for the Junior Canadiens on 31 shots. Toronto Jr. Canadiens registered zero goals on five power play opportunities. For the Junior Canadiens, David Zeppieri was ejected from the game. Tucker Weppner recorded 22 saves for the Jr. Sabres. Buffalo incurred 20 minutes in penalty time with five minors.